Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buzz Bloody Lightyear

So... Went to a Jumble Sale with MIL today and we find an awesome bargain for $4. A Buzz Lightyear for Dexter.

Bring it home, give it to him, and he instantly adores him. Made the silly mistake of giving it to him before lunch, and he won't let me take him away. Lesson learnt. After lunch, Buzz gets cleaned. Then we give him back to Dex. Silly.

Then Dex insists on taking him to bed for his nap. Dex wakes up a little early from his nap and starts playing with Buzz.

Dex does not let go of Buzz until dinner when (after learning at lunch time) I take him away, tears and all. After his bath, Dexter finds Buzz and insists on bringing him to bed. I didn't learn my lesson from previous nap.

Two hours after he's gone to bed, he's up again and we hear "To Infinity and Beyond" coming from his bedroom. I go into his room and take Buzz in the hope it was just Dex accidentally pressing the button in his sleep. Cue epic tantrum. Now Dexter won't sleep without the freakin Buzz Lightyear.

After over an hour of trying to settle him, I give up. I get Tris to take the batteries out of Buzz. Still no luck. He's stuck in a cry loop. He's border line hysterical and I'm pretty sure he's even forgotten why by now.

I end up in his cot. For over an hour. He falls asleep. Brilliant. Only problem is I'm in the cot and don't wish to stay there for the three hours that remains of the night. I get up, clumsily, cause lets face it, cots aren't designed for people my size to be getting out of. He wakes. Crawls over to me! Says "oh no! Mummy! Awww Man!". I freeze. He falls asleep again at my lap. I finish my escape.

I'm out! He's asleep! And it's only four hours until the groceries are delivered. All because of a frickin Buzz Lightyear toy. *facepalm*

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  1. Awwww man! Buzz you better get your act together! Awesome Bini I hope to see many more xx