Sunday, April 15, 2012

Childcare Sonic Versus Steelcraft Agile

When I was pregnant, my mother in law bought us a pram. A Childcare Sonic. Incredibly generous of her. But it meant that I didn't have much of a say in the pram we had. And while the Sonic had some pretty cool features, it was wrong for us. After a year, it's been donated to a local pregnancy support charity, and I've got my amazing new pram. A Steelcraft Agile.

Childcare Sonic ($220)-
Reasonably priced stroller suitable for newborns and up. Reclines flat for newborns or sleeping older bubs. Massive cargo area under pram. Parent console with cup holders. Child console attachment that clips onto belly bar support.

Not suitable for taller children. Even as young as one. Heavy pram that is even quite large when folded. Difficult if taken on public transport due to weight and iffy brakes. Maneuverability and suspension not ideal. Doesn't take bumps in the footpath very well. Hinged compartment in parent console never stayed closed since purchase. Wheels don't swivel adequately.

Steelcraft Agile ($400)-
Massive canopy, with viewing window that silently opens and shuts with a magnet closure. Lots of room for tall babies. Wheels and suspension that ride smoothly and quietly. Ability to lock and unlock both brakes with one foot switch. Large pocket at back of canopy. Light stroller, that folds down in a simple action. Carry handle for carrying folded stroller. Folds nice and small. Easy recline with a single action. Comes with its own storm cover.
Cargo area under pram smaller that what I'm used to and difficult to access. Harness straps a little fiddly and padding doesn't seems to want to stay on straps. Belly bar support not included and needs to be purchased separately.

All in all. I'm ecstatic with my Steelcraft Agile. I've only had it for a couple of days and yet to take it on the bus, but so far so good! The little passenger seems to enjoy it too. The Agile is intended as a travel system. A capsule is available separately that can be transferred from car to pram. Worthwhile if purchasing this pram for a newborn and if traveling by car. Neither an issue for us!

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