Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dinner Wars

My little man, that used to be the most awesome eater ever. He's now 17 months old and an absolute nightmare at meal times. So much so, that I'm constantly thinking and stressed out about it. Its been going on for about three month now. Between this and the sleep regression I'm going out of my mind.

I can't get him to eat on a spoon. It's finger food only. And then there is the massive struggle with which finger foods he will eat. Nutrition usually falls by the wayside. I always offer healthy options, but in utter desperation the chicken nuggets keep making an appearance because at least I have the peace of mind that he has something in his tummy. Albeit rubbish. I've been lucky with some fruits. Red seedless grapes are a big winner. I think he thinks they are lollies. (Wonder how long that will last!) He will also eat a banana if it's given to him whole. Cut it up, and he won't eat it. Sandwiches, sometimes. Vegemite or peanut butter and jam are the only fillings though. Cheese toastie, he will eat this too. Veggies? Not happening. At all. I'm going to try a vegetable muffin recipe he used to love. Kinda my last resort. If it doesn't work, I have no tricks up my sleeve. This sucks. :(


  1. Chai is doing exactly the same thing! It's so frustrating. He's been doing it for 3 weeks now. The first few weeks he wouldn't eat anything at all, he'd only drink milk. Now I can get a few bits and pieces into him, but not much. I even tried giving him biscuits, but he wouldn't eat them.

    He hasn't lost weight, so I'm just assuming it's a stage and he'll get over it sooner or later.

  2. So fabulous to see I wasn't alone! Dexter is now 21 months old and eating much better, but we still have off days. I tell ya, nothing about kids is predictable! Lol