Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I finally own an iPhone!

For my very first mothers day, my husband bought me an AWESOME thing. An 4th Gen iPod touch. For a year, this thing never left my side. As somebody who used to think that iPhones and iDevices in general were just overpriced and overrated, I was converted. The thing is though, the iPod touch had a few areas where it fell short. It's camera left a lot to be desired, it constantly crashed on me, and well, it wasn't a phone! I could
text other people with other iOS 5 devices (seriously, I could text on an iPod! For free! How cool is that?!) provided I was hooked up to my wifi. Same for the Internet of course. I had to carry around my crappy Nokia E63 whenever I left the house.

I then became desperate for a iPhone. More specifically an iPhone 4S. So, a year later, with my second mothers day fast approaching, hubby finally caved in and now I have a beautiful, new, iPhone 4S. I'm in heaven! I love this thing so much! 8 mega pixel camera. Stunning video recording. Dual core processor. The ability to put a sim card in it! I can leave my Nokia at home! And let's not forget Siri.

See enclosed pics for conversations I had with Siri this morning! Lol.

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